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Orientation 2k13 – What You Didn’t See

Over the past month 14 orientation leaders, myself included, tried our hardest to  welcome the incoming freshmen class to The College of Saint Rose. Making the freshmen feel welcome is one thing to be thankful for but really I am thankful for the many friends, connections, and memories that came along with orientation.

I never imagined that I would make friends with my fellow orientation leaders so fast but I did- and soon our group turned into a tight-knit family of sorts that did everything together. Being able to hangout and work with my friends 24/7 was an experience that I would not swap for the world- although I might have for an air conditioner during those heat waves that seemed to occur every day. Aside from showing the “freshies” what is up with our school all of the OLS had actual lives (although that might surprise our orientees) and we took part in daily adventures when we were not in session.

As I am typing this from an airplane (talk about dedication) I am going to keep this short as I do not want to start crying over the fact that I do not live with my fellow orientation leaders anymore.

TOP 5 Orientation Moments that you didnt see:

  1. Singing Ryan happy birthday and celebrating his birthday the first weekend we were all in Albany together- I mean not all of us are in The Other Guys like Ryan but I think we did it justice.
  2. Fourth of July- the group of 14 of us split up into mini-groups and some of us attended a cliched, but perfect, BBQ complete with fireworks.
  3. Alive at Five– a free concert series that gives people a chance to relax and enjoy some music, and of course every college student likes free things
  4. Our group trip to Golden Corral where we were all able to eat steak and cotton candy on the same plate- do not judge it was delicious.
  5. Couching- also known as trapping Ryan in (or out of) various rooms with a couch. Yup, that was a thing and it was mighty entertaining.

I’m not one for sentiments- but this orientation month is definitely a contender for the best month of my life. If you have any interest in becoming a Saint Rose orientation leader- I definitely recommend it! Just don’t everyone apply- as that means more competition for me when I apply again next year! Kidding?

Orientation 2013

Orientation Leaders- 2013

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