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Family Weekend: Then and Now

My family and I hanging out with Fear!

My family and I hanging out with Fear!

If people know anything about me it is that my parents moved to Texas last summer. Because my parents live in another time zone it is not that easy for them to come to campus and visit. We take turns traveling to see each other about once every four months and I was delighted that my parent’s second visit since they moved lined up with Family Weekend on campus this past weekend.

My parents had only come to Family Weekend once before and that was when I was freshman. As I love reading too much into things I thought that it was fittingly symbolic that my parents attended the weekend both at the start and end of my college career. Unlike when I was freshman however, my parents and I actually stayed on campus and I was able to introduce my parents to many of the key people in my Albany life. Aside from enjoying the free snacks on the quad I was happy to show my parents the friends that I constantly talk about. These are also the friends that who I did not think they would get the chance to meet before we all went our different ways. My parents were more than game to throw a pizza party for these friends(although, I did not really give them an option), eat in the dinning hall with some others, and even walk to a street fair that was happening down the street.

Through the past three days I realized that unlike the freshman me that was dying to get off campus when my parents showed up I was way more into them staying on campus with me and seeing my world. I guess that is just another sign that time is fleeting and that the next time my parents will be in Albany I will be wearing a cap and gown.

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