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Picotte Hall Open House

Friday, 11/7, the College’s own Center for Art & Design had an open house displaying all types of artworks from the students in our phenomenal art program!  From photography, to sculptures, to paintings and graphic design, art of all kinds were decorating the halls of the building.

The majority of the event was held in the lower level.  There you could see a wide array of photography projects.  In one series, students were given a photo to write a narrative about.  When they were finished, they share their writings with another student who then took a photo based on their interpretation of what was written.  The results were incredible!  All of the different techniques used in the photo composition as well as the different takes on the narratives allowed for many clearly visible similarities between the photos involved, but also for very apparent differences that allow you to see physical representations of how people can create something entirely new based on the creations of others.

On the first floor there was a room dedicated to the works of graduate students.  There were several interesting types of pieces.  One wall showed sketches of people’s faces done in what looked like charcoal, and the opposite was home to some that were far more abstract and done in pencil.  In the center of the room was a rather interesting sculpture that I’m still not quite sure how to interpret.  It appeared to be three different colored chunks of material molded into specific shapes with many folds and set near each other.  While I don’t quite understand what the artist is trying to say, it was a fitting centerpiece for the room that was unique from any other piece in there.

Finally, the second floor displays.  This floor had more variety than the previous two.  One wall was completely covered in graphic design projects intended to display characteristics of each artist respectively.  Each piece appeared to be handled entirely differently, some students choosing to use jumbles of words, others choosing to use just the letters of their names, while others had images paired with a different phrase or quote.  Another section of this floor was dedicated to sculptures that were made using the newest equipment in the building.  Each student scanned a pumpkin which was then built by another machine which used lasers to cut out layers of cardboard and stack them to build a 3D replica.  They then took those sculptures and cut pieces away to create something entirely different and took plaster molds of the new space they created in the objects, which they then incorporated into the piece.  These were some of my favorite works due to the complexity of the task, as well as the way each piece looked different from every other piece although they all started off being pumpkins.

There were so many types of work on display that I just can’t fit it all in words!  However, if anything I’ve written here interests you there is a gallery at the end of this post full of pieces from all three floors.  Enjoy!

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