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Everyone knows the purpose of Post-Its and loves them for it, yet within a month at The College of Saint Rose I began to love Post-Its even more. This is because on campus there is a club called Out Side  the [Box] and from what I can gather it is their sole purpose to make you feel good about yourself.

This being said, coming back to my new home on campus one night I began to see 100s of Post-Its around campus. They were on the blue-lights, the street signs, and the doors to buildings. Everywhere you went on campus there was a Post-It and on it a kind message or compliment- two things I would never deny. There was one Post-It that made me smile after a long day filled with class, clubs, and work, it read: “Smile more, it looks good on you“. Thanks Post-It and Out Side the [Box], it looks good on you too!!



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