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PR Conference

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the PRSA  (Public Relations Society of America) Conference that was held in Troy, NY with my classmates from the college’s communications department.

I first learned about the conference from one of my professors and was instantly interested as it sounded like a great opportunity to network with real public relation practitioners  as well as learn things about the field. At the conference my peers and I attended many breakout information sessions that focused on different aspects of the public relations world. I took particular interest in the social media speakers at the event as, in case you did not know, it is something that interests me greatly. In addition to the social media break out sessions that I attended, my peers and I checked out a “for students only” sessions in which employers offered tips on how to get a job once we graduate into the “real world”.

While at the conference it was nice to talk not only with other students groups in attendance but with business professionals that already have their feet on the ground- hello business cards. Although it was only my first PRSA conference I felt like I could hold my own in the room and that is in part due to what I have learned in the classroom so far. I look forward to the next conference that deals with my intended career and only hope that I get the opportunity to attend.

The event encouraged “live tweeting”- Here was one of mine.

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