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Procrastination 101 (And An Introduction to Forensic Psychology)

In all seriousness, if there were a major for procrastinating I’d have a 4.0. I like to call myself a “master procrastinator.” To give you a little background, I got this really awesome Victimology project for criminal profiling two weeks ago (It’s due tomorrow). Have I done it yet? No. Have I even attempted to do it yet? Well, yes, I guess you can say that.

Victimology seeks to examine, consider, and interpret the victim evidence is a scientific fashion. Basically, a victimologist works on knowing almost everything there is to know about a victim. It also helps to know everything about the offender. In Criminal Profiling, we learn all about victims, signature (a psychological piece of evidence that tells someone about the offender), modus operandi (method of operation), how to link cases, and other really interesting things!

Last semester, I had a roommate who was taking forensic psychology and criminology at the same time as me. We would talk about serial killers all the time, and our other roommate would listen and help us study. It was a great cycle.

Forensic Psychology, however, is not all about serial killers. As mentioned above, it’s about everything in the criminal justice system. On my journey of being a forensic psychology major, I have taken court classes, theory based classes, psychology classes, stats classes (yes.. we need math) and research methods. Research Methods is a required class for all forensic psychology and psychology majors. There is no escaping it. This is the worst class to procrastinate in… and guess who does that? Yup. You guessed it. Me.

Procrastination is one of those things that I feel effects everyone. Except my crazy roommate who gets her papers done a month early… Just kidding. She’s not too crazy.
I have an essay due Monday. Have I started it yet? No.

I’m on a roll.

My attempted start of my Victimology Paper... (The Caps is courtesy of my previously mentioned not too crazy roommate... :D)

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