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Project 70 – My Metrohm USA Internship Pt. 3

My uncle, Kwame Ababio, proved to be my most significant critic. There were days in which I wondered why he invested all his time and energy in me. His selflessness made me realize the art of giving is a testament to pure happiness. My deliberate acts induced pleasure in the face of others’ success. I am fortunate to find this blessing in Metrohm USA.

I anxiously rushed headlong into the internship, as would any other newly appointed candidate. Eventually regaining my sense, I became aware of the success and foundation that entail such experience. My time at Metrohm USA allowed me to think of ways in which opportunities are endless, including the vision of my future.

My position as an intern at Metrohm USA was a major first step into the real world. With the help of my gifted colleagues, we took collective action to overcome our obstacles. Our consistency and approaches to a problem created not only individual growth, but more importantly, collective growth as a community. I learned how to be a leader, regardless of my placement.

As the great Mohandas Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. My purpose in life is to make a difference and influence the people I meet throughout my life. A quick message to all my family, friends and students from Saint Rose — there is nothing in this world you cannot do. Put your dreams out there in the world and anything is possible. A huge thanks to the Metrohm USA family, Whitney Pagano, my family and friends who supported me on this journey!! Thank you all and God bless!!FAMILY

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