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Project 70 – My Metrohm USA Internship

My name is Daniel Aidoo. I am currently a student at The College of Saint Rose, pursuing a degree in sports management. During the spring semester, I received an email from the Career Center: I was offered a position as an intern for Metrohm in Tampa, Florida. Metrohm USA is one of the world’s most reliable producers of high-precision instruments for chemical analysis. This email was an eye-opener because I realized this was the type of environment in which I wanted to immerse myself. This setting will not only help me gain some working experience, but also polish the qualifications on my résumé. I had two amazing business professors guide me during the application process, Erin-Cassidy Dorion and Jaeyeon Hwang. In addition, Whitney Pagano, who was in charge of the interviewing process, was available to help every step of the way. Finally, with the support of family and my closest friends I was selected as a surefire candidate.


As a neophyte in the workplace, I was naturally curious and quite apprehensive, so I looked to colleagues as a source of learning. I paired with coworkers from customer support service and warehouse management to learn their job functions. Prior to this experience, I was assigned a UPS project by the operations manager, Bill Reasoner. To put everything into perspective, my objective was to find ways to save the company money through their shipping process. This project required some experience working with excel. It was difficult because I was limited; however, with the help of Bill, I was able to get the project done faster than expected. Since then, I have been working for customer service and providing data clean-up, which requires a significant amount of computer skills.


On July 21st, I had the pleasure of presenting my project to the CFO of Metrohm USA, as well as other employees from the financial and customer service department. I recall doing numerous presentations during my time at Saint Rose for most of my classes. However, it was not until my presentation where I truly was able to showcase my skills and apply what I learned in the classroom. Astonishingly, I was very impressed with myself afterwards. Prior to the presentation, the CFO mentioned a little anecdote about Game of Thrones: the discussion was didactic and made me feel comfortable. To be quite honest, it even allowed me to muster my will and interact with everyone. Right after the conversation came to an end, it was time for me to present. I took over the room and was very outspoken. The CFO was pleased, adding that my project was well-composed and informative. I have about 3 weeks as left as an intern, and can honestly express my excitement for the future.


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