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Radically Adventurous- Amanda Prinz

Iz and IYour Name and Location: Amanda Prinz; McCormick Hall

Year and Major: Senior; Childhood/Special Education with a Concentration in History

Hometown: Nashua, NH (Currently living in Cicero, NY)

DSCF3039Reason for becoming an RA: My RA my freshman year had a lot to do with my becoming an RA. I also enjoy feeling like I am able to help my residents along with being friends with them.

Favorite thing about the job: Reaching that point with my residents where it’s not an RA/Resident relationship, it’s more of a friendship. I also like the family dynamic that develops in a house.

Most Memorable RA moment: My most memorable RA moment was last year when I was an RA in Q House. For my first program I held a Diversity Food Program and all my residents plus some showed up. We ate food and talked about our backgrounds. It was a great “break the ice” moment.

What people should know about RAs: We are students and people too. Contrary to what people think, we’re not out to get you. We want to get to know our residents and have a relationship with them.

Favorite Albany Hangout: Ruby! I love their sushi, it’s a great place to go with either friends or family.

Favorite Late Night Snack: Sour Patch Kids and Tea. Very strange combination, but when I’m stressed it’s wonderful!

Goal after Saint Rose: I want to move south (preferably SC or NC) and get a teaching job! Along with going to grad school for Literacy 1-6.

Random “Fun” Fact: In high school, I was one of the founders of my schools National Mathematics Honor Society.

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