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Radically Adventurous- Meet Resident Assistant Katie Maher

The wonderful woman herself, Katie Maher!

The wonderful woman herself, Katie Maher!

Name and Location: Katie Maher- 210 Partridge

Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY

Reason for becoming an RA: I became a RA because of the great community that you get to be a part of and that you can help spread. There are a lot of great bonds and friendships that are made. There are also a lot of great community and college connections that you can make.

Favorite thing about the job: Programming! It is really fun to come up with unique and different opportunities for adventures (with little bits of education sprinkled in). It is also really awesome going to other RA‘s programs because there are usually lots of free things. Residents-take advantage of the programs! Who can resist FREE prizes, food, trinkets, and fabulous bonding time with others. No one can ever have enough SWAG.

Most memorable RA moment: This year so far I would have to say our 6am breakfast bonding. At first we all begrudgingly woke up, dreading the fact that we were all awake before the sun was up. However, once the bacon started frying and the pancakes were flipped, it was a lot of fun on a casual Wednesday morning. Most memorable moments on staff are usually made spending time with some really cool people and enjoying each others’ company.

What people should know about RAs: We are students too! We aren’t policy police, we are here to enjoy our college experience just as much as you are! Our jobs are to maintain a safe and happy living environment so everyone can go around being pumped that they are at Saint Rose. Let’s face it, if you are Saint Rose, you are living the dream.

Favorite class at Saint Rose: I’m going to pull from outside the box and say my fly fishing gym class. Number one because it is completely random. Second, because there is no shortage of good times-you practice casting on the quad, get to be outside, putz around, and actually go fly fishing. The professor ensures that everyone catches a fish, and I got the added bonus of catching a bird too…whoops.

(Disclaimer: no birds were injured in fly fishing- the bird was not hooked, it grabbed the top of the line and flew away. The only injury it obtained was from his ego from the embarrassment of being tricked by a fake fly.)

Katie and some Saint Rose friends at the Inflatable 5k Run this fall!

Katie and some Saint Rose friends at the Inflatable 5k Run this fall!

Favorite Albany hangout: I really like going to local parks and hiking trails (Washington Park, Thacher Park, the Corning Preserve, etc.). They are beautiful- especially in the lovely season of fall. Soak up the goodness while it’s still the season!

Goals after graduation: My goal after graduation is to become an elementary school teacher, specifically kindergarten or grade one. If that is a no go, then I want to be a high school math teacher. I also want to be on Dancing with the Stars, so I either need to become a professional dancer or a celebrity at some point in my life.

Favorite late night snack: I usually don’t eat late night snacks, but if I had to choose, I would say dark chocolate and/or pretzels.

Random run fact: I love the “Die Hard” movies. I own them all and watch them on the regular.

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