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Radically Adventurous – Meet Resident Assistant Maria Hartz

Name and Location: Maria Hartz – 210 Partridge

Part of the SEB E-Board and I on the New York City trip that I planned!

Part of the SEB E-Board and I on the New York City trip that I planned!

Hometown: Scotia, NY

Reason for becoming an RA: I became an RA because I had such a great RA my freshman year that I became so close to and am now lucky enough to call her my best friend. She inspired me to want to make a difference in the lives of residents the way that she made a difference in mine,  and make their living experience on campus a great one.

Favorite thing about the job: My favorite thing about the job is being able to work with such a great staff of other RA’s not only in my zones but all across campus. My zone has become such a great support system for me during my transition to being an RA, and I am so lucky to have such a great group of people to call my co-workers and friends!

My best friend Brittany and I at Family Weekend 2014

My best friend Brittany and I at Family Weekend 2014

Most memorable RA moment: My most memorable RA moment so far has to be the first night of this semester, when all of my residents moved back in to the house. A bunch of my residents and I were just hanging out in our common room, chatting about our classes, our excitement and nerves for the new semester, and just about everything you could think of.

It was the perfect moment that assured me that my semester with my residents was going to be a great one, and every worry that I had about being their new RA quickly went away!

What people should know about RAs: You should know that we are here for YOU, our residents! You are more important to us than you know, and we care a lot about you! 

Favorite class at Saint Rose: The best class I have taken thus far definitely has to be SED 225 – Including Students with Disabilities in the General Education Setting. It was the first Special Education class I have ever taken, and I learned so much more about teaching students with disabilities than I could have ever imagined. It also provided me with the opportunity to do observation hours in a great middle school, and I still miss the students that were in my classroom!

Goals after graduation: I want to teach high school or middle school Spanish or teach English to English Language Learners!

Favorite Albany hangout: Most recently, my friends and I have been loving hanging out at Tierra Coffee Roasters and doing homework on Sunday mornings! It’s been a great and (almost) productive place to get things done!

Favorite late night snack: String Cheese!

Random fun fact: I regularly enjoy long walks on the beach, watching Netflix with my cat, and underwater basket weaving.

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