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Radically Adventurous- Meet Resident Assistant Rebecca Moyer

Name and Location: Rebecca Moyer – Kelly Hall

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Math Adolescent Ed/Special Ed (ASPIRE)

NYC with SEB!

NYC with SEB!

Reason for becoming an RA: I wanted to become an RA because I love helping others in any way possible and I am happy to be a part of a community and to help build that community for others.

Favorite thing about the job: Making bulletin boards. I love when I think of an idea and then I plan it out. I usually do them on a night where I’m tired of doing homework, and it’s a nice chance to sit and work on it while talking to my residents.

Most memorable RA moment: Going to Denny’s with my staff at 6 AM on a Wednesday morning. We were all falling asleep on the floor of Lima lobby waiting to go, but once we got there we had a great time.

What people should know about RAs: We are crazy and love to have a good time. We’re also not out to get you.

We became RAs to help people, not because we want to write people up.

Favorite class at Saint Rose: I enjoy Foundations of Education (EDU 300) which I’m in now because there is a lot of discussion and it’s based on your own opinions and experiences. Intro to Programming (CSC 202) was also a good class and made me think about taking on a computer science minor.

Favorite Albany hangout: I really like hanging out at parks in Albany and just walking around. Even sitting on the campus green makes me happy- I love seeing the beauty of the seasons changing!

Making Strides with my residents!

Making Strides with my residents!

Goals after graduation:After graduation I want to be a high school math teacher. I would love to teach geometry or algebra. I also would love to move to San Diego, CA at some point in my life.

Favorite late night snack: Probably pizza or chocolate.

Random fun fact: I was a Girl Scout for 13 years, and then started working at a Girl Scout Camp as a Ropes Course Counselor. I took the ropes job because it sounded cool and it was a great decision- now I can’t picture myself as a general unit counselor!


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