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Radically Adventurous-Tinamarie Stolz

Pic 3Your Name and Location: Tinamarie Stolz – Maginn Hall

Year and Major: Senior communications major with a concentration in Public Relations

Home town: Rockland County (close to NYC YAY!!!)

Reason for becoming an RA: I never wanted anyone to feel like they were on their college journey alone.

Favorite thing about the job: I love my residents. I just do! I love helping them, having fun with them, building community with them, and seeing them succeed. I also love my staff, and the amazing friends I have made!

Most Memorable RA moment: I will never forget the 2 Disney Princes programs I did. I could see how happy my residents were. My favorite moments all surround the theme of connecting, whether that be with residents or other RAs.

What people should know about RAs: We really want to help, and we’re not out to get you. We’re just college kids who want to build community and make sure everyone’s being smart, safe, and happy.   Pic 1

Favorite Albany Hangout: I LOVE  TCBY, RUBY, AND BOMBERS!!!!!!!!

Favorite Late Night “ Res Hall Snack”: Popcorn, or easy mac….every time…

Goal after Saint Rose: I know it sounds superrrrrrr corny, but I just want to live a happy life. I want to get a good job that makes me happy, and lets me help others. I want to keep doing G4G on the side, and I want to raise a strong family.

Random “Fun” Fact: This one time I got trapped in the SMALLEST bathroom in Costa Rica…for 35 minutes. No one could hear me screaming because there were guitars playing Pic2downstairs. I panicked and I started yelling random Spanish words like “Hambergasa” and “Let me out! Yo soy Americana!” Eventually, the waiter came and got the manager…and the trip chaperone…and they got me out…


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