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Realizations and Shoutouts

Every semester the phrase “this is the worst semester I’ve ever had” has come out of my mouth at least 10 times, if not more. I think that’s going to be said at any college, at any location, at any age, for any major. I have to say, even though my sophomore year of college was very tough for me school wise and socially, I think junior year takes the cake.

The current semester has been very difficult for me because I changed my major. I switched from Earth Science Adolescent Education to Childhood Education with a concentration in Earth Science. The switch is forcing me to stay an extra semester. It’s not that I’m disappointed I have to be at St. Rose, I really do like it here. Actually, that’s a lie I love Saint Rose and I’m terrified that I have to leave soon… What disappoints me is most of my friends will be graduating, starting their lives or going off grad school, and I won’t be joining them.  I know you’re probably thinking “It’s only a few months between May and December graduation. It’s no big deal.” Essentially you’re right! I’m more upset that I can’t take this “right of passage” with most of the friends I went through this journey with. The positive side is, a lot of people have to stay an extra amount of time in college and in the end I’m still going to be a teacher, which is what I always wanted to do.

I realized that I shouldn’t be upset but proud that I made a decision that was best for me. So, don’t be upset if you need to stay an extra amount of time in college! I think you need to do whatever it takes to get the education you deserve and need. As long as you’re happy in the major you chose, do what it takes to get that degree!

And now you have the degree, what do you do? That’s something that I freak out about often and that question can’t be easily answered. Honestly, we don’t really know where life is going to take us once school ends.

I know that I’m going to go to Graduate school because you sort of have to if you want to be a teacher. It makes you more eligible for job opportunities. I have decided recently that I may go back to Brooklyn for Grad school. After I get out of Grad school however, I have no idea what will happen. I know what I want to happen- to join AmeriCorps for a year. I have been talking about doing this for years and I think it’s time for me to act on it. I hope to be doing a service project this summer as a site leader for the wonderful people at Break Away (wish me luck, I found out if I got the position soon) to hold me down until I can be doing that sort of work full time. Maybe someday I can work myself up to Peace Corps and get over the fear of going away internationally…. Highly unlikely. After AmeriCorps, I hope to be down south teaching somewhere. New Orleans, anyone?- but do I really know if that’s going to happen? Not really but I hope it will! Though I don’t know if this will happen, I feel like if we all work hard enough and want something bad enough, each and every one of us will make our dreams come true!

I have a back up plan, though! If none of that works out, come visit me in Memphis where I’ll be bedazzling Elvis shirts with my cat named Puppy!

Whelp, those are my realizations. My advice for you is not to freak out if you don’t have a plan. Don’t freak out about the future. Focus on the now and getting the degree in what you love doing! As long as you believe you are doing the right thing with your education, don’t let others detract you or influence you. Go after your goals and believe in yourself!


Shout outs:

Alright, now before I go and finish this mountain of work I wanted to say that this year, though difficult, has been extremely eye opening. I am really grateful for everything that happens in my life because everything is a lesson. Thank you to every single one of my friends that have been there for me constantly throughout this year and the past 3 years. You all mean so much to me and I love you all so much. Almost as much as I love Arnold Palmer!  Maybe more…maybe.

To my New Orleans 2012 crew- you all are beautiful people. You all will do absolutely incredible things with your life. Please know that you are all part of one of the best weeks of my entire life and I love you all. N’awlins ayyy zoomie zoomayyyy

Kayla Germain– I just adore you. I really do. I think you are so wonderful. Thank you for doing this blog, going to New Orleans, being so helpful, beautiful inside and out, and most of all thank you for being such a good friend <3

Saint Rose blogger Myles– I LOVE YOU. You have been one of my best friends since July of 2009 and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so truly blessed to know you. You are the most amazing guy I know and you will do marvelous things with your life.

To YOU reading this, thank you! I can’t see you but I know you’re all beautiful 🙂

I hope you all have an incredible and eventful summer that’s  filled with relaxation too! You all deserve it!

See you in the Fall!

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