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Rewind…Catch Up!

Hi everyone!

I'm a busy bee these days!

I’m a busy bee these days!

I am so sorry this post is so late. As you can imagine I have had the busiest, most interesting, educational and hair-raising week and a half. I would have liked to post something every day but there wasn’t enough time in the day. Therefore in this post I am summarizing last week’s work week from June 23 to June 27. Hope you all enjoy catching up with me!

On Tuesday (6-24) Legal Services Corporation offered their employees a Wellness Lunch & Learn Seminar on “Fitting Fitness into Your Lifestyle.” It gave me a chance to bond with the other employees in an informal setting, and talk about our similar interests in improving our energy, losing weight, and staying healthy. I personally know it can be a challenge to eat healthy especially on a budget AND with a busy schedule. I started my weight loss journey in January and to date have lost a total of 23 pounds. Two things I currently struggle with are eating the healthy way while dining out and selecting physical activities that fit my lifestyle. This seminar addressed these and provided me with resources to help me along my journey. It was educational but a fun way to bond with fellow colleagues. Which I think is one of the reasons why LSC is such a great place to work!

On Wednesday (6-25) I attended our weekly manager’s meeting and worked on a new assignment requiring very meticulous research. I have to say that I have absolutely enjoyed the work I’ve been given thus far. My days are filled with productivity and I think it’s because on my first day, LSC immediately built an informational network for me with my co-workers. If I have a question about anything, I feel confident asking for help and I know there will be someone with an answer and a smile. It only makes me want to work harder and stay longer.

On Thursday (6-26) The interns and I had our weekly Brown Bag with Jim Sandman, President of Legal Services Corporation! He took the time to not only explain the function of the Executive Office and how it works with other departments within LSC but he also shared personal stories of how he came to be the President of LSC. He gave us heartfelt advice about his life’s mission and what he hopes for all of us. Again, I can’t say it enough, how much Jim has been such an influential person not only in my life but everyone here at LSC. You can tell by the way all the employees talk about him, and how he has made all us interns feel as though we were full, salaried employees. He takes personal interest in everyone’s well-being so much, he invited me to a special event he was speaking at that night.

Sutherland Scholars

Sutherland Scholars

He invited me to the graduation ceremony of Sutherland Scholars. It is a summer program offered at no cost for students from historically black colleges and universities.  Spearheaded by Sutherland partner Allegra Lawrence-Hardy, the Sutherland Scholars program is an initiative to ensure the success of minority students in law school. Sutherland Scholars is an intensive, three-week, 40 hour program for rising college seniors and graduates headed to law school. It is designed to introduce students to the rigors of such a course of study, what to expect, how to navigate admission, the first year and getting a job. I am glad that Jim shared this with me so that I can pass it along to those I know could benefit from such a program. It’s one more resource for those who have very few.

Time is certainly flying by and I don’t want to think about my time here ending, but it is certainly creeping up on me. I look forward to continuing to share my journey with you all! Tomorrow’s blog post will be about the Folk Life Festival I attended last Saturday, and boy do I have some interesting photos for you!

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