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Saint Rose Experiences: Freshmen Orientation/Club Fair (?)

Last month, I finally got to make my return to the beautiful campus that I love! I recently moved off-campus (there might be a blog about this *winks*) so I’ve been steadily coming up every few weeks to move in furniture, clothing, room decor, and lots of other fun stuff. As some of you may know, I was recently named the Vice President of the Saint Rose Ultimate Frisbee team! (Join us, here’s our website.) This means that I have an “excuse” to crash orientation.

Conveniently, I went up on a weekend where one of the four orientation sessions for incoming first-year students was going on. During first-year student orientation, Saint Rose gives the clubs and organizations on campus a chance to “recruit” new members while showcasing the wide array of groups you could join! I immediately knew I would get a chance to interact with all the fresh faces on campus that day while also getting an opportunity to see some of my friends who are a part of other clubs on campus, live in the area or who were this year’s Orientation Leaders!

I truly cannot begin to explain the feeling that had come over me once I stepped on campus again. However, I will do my best. First of all, the campus during the summer is absolutely GORGEOUS. The trees are full and have leaves on them. The bushes and flowers are fully bloomed. Man, the grass itself is just green and perfect and NO MUD. If you can get to campus during the summer, I highly recommend it. Get involved with summer activities if you can!

The second I stepped back onto Saint Rose property, I immediately started smiling. I was absolutely ecstatic walking through the EAC knowing I was really back. I was right back where I’ve wanted to be all along. I walked in, took a nice deep breath and thought I’m back. I thought it sounded a lot cooler in my head.

Jon, one of the field captains of the team, attended all the Orientation sessions (Thanks Jon!) so I was just glad I could accompany him this time around. We set up our little table with discs, our beautiful “Saint Rose Kings of the North” sign, our jerseys and of course, our sign-up sheet. We set up everything rather quickly, so we had a little time to mingle with other club members as well as grab a seat before anyone else did. Sorry everyone.

But then, the moment had finally arrived. All of the upcoming students in their orientation groups with their awesome orientation leaders walked in. I really love talking to people so you know this was right up my alley. I got to meet some new people, see some friends and even see some of the students who I gave tours to, which is one of the coolest feelings. I like to pretend that I positively influenced some of these future Golden Knights but whatever, still cool.

Orientation Group enjoying the beautiful quad! (Nice Panic! shirt)

Orientation Group enjoying the beautiful quad! (Nice Panic! shirt)


I definitely enjoyed interacting with the new members of the Saint Rose family and I really hope to see some of you guys again! Like at practice or our informational meeting, oh and around campus.) Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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