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Saint Rose Experiences: Looking Through the Lens

Well as previously stated in another one of these blogs (probably), before I got into this whole writing/typing blog stuff, I did something called “vlogs”. These “vlogs” are similar to blogs, except for one main difference; vlogs are video blogs. I am also not entirely sure that “vlog” is a word in the dictionary, but I will continue to use it until proven otherwise. You can actually check out the vlogs I did as a freshman right over here!

Ever since I started as an online ambassador, I have been featured in several different videos, vlogs, informational videos, and even an advertisement for the College. Some of my personal favorites include the latest “How To: College”, “You know you’re a Saint Rose Golden Knight…”, and this little video featuring myself and four other tour guides.

Just a casual picture taken by Kayla Germain

Just a casual picture taken by Kayla Germain

Not many people know this, but before I had decided to choose exploratory as my major my first semester, I almost came to school as a communications major. Eventually, I will take the time and write about the road I took in choosing a major, but for now just trust me when I say that for a while, I had my heart set on communications. Childhood education now has my heart, but I digress.

In this blog, I’m going to talk about the many experiences I’ve had in front of the camera and even sort of behind the camera. Ever since about my sophomore year of high school, I had been interested in cameras and new media. I had taken a few different media-related classes to get my feet wet and I really enjoyed them. At that point in high school, I was either in and/or producing videos about monthly or so. Coming to college, I thought I might have been done.

Towards the end of my senior year, I was more into producing and editing these videos rather than being in them. Now, the ratio and comfort level might have changed. If you click any of the links above, you’ll see that I might actually appear as comfortable. This is my way of shameless promoting videos that I am in…

I will say this: I really enjoy all of these videos that I have been in as of lately. What makes my job and being in these videos that much better, is that I am doing these videos with people who I genuinely enjoy being around. All of the online ambassadors are pretty comfortable with each other so there’s very little judgement, if any actually.

The “set” or wherever we choose to do a Knight Light or How To: College or whatever we might be shooting, is always in a very relaxed environment. For me personally, I need to be calm when I’m in front of a camera. Have you ever tried to talk to someone who’s incredibly nervous in front of a camera? I will get nervous from the other person being nervous.

Something else I have noticed…I am really bad at this whole being in front of a camera thing. Once I have to get in front of the camera to say a line or so, everyone knows that they very well could be watching me for ten minutes. I take a very long time to get something perfect. I am not a one take champion like, oh I don’t know…MEGHAN KIELY. (Side note: she knows I love her, it’s fine. That being said, DEFINITELY go check her blogs out.)

I won’t lie, eventually I can nail a take where I’m like, in the words of Beyonce, flawless. I’m totally kidding, but I do end up getting the job done and I’ll walk away being satisfied. The Fresh Perspective vlogs I did last year were filled with outtakes. Those vlogs usually took awhile before I was happy with the way I spoke. Lindsey also made me laugh hysterically for hours, but we always did well together.

One tactic that I always enjoy implementing in front of the camera is something that all students know as “winging it”. You know, like that paper you have forever and don’t touch until the night before it’s due. You could really ask my bosses, my coworkers, and even my friends, they have all asked me the same question, “Do you know what you’re going to say?”

To that question, my response is usually something along the lines of, “Nope, but let’s just roll with it”. Honestly, I usually can get more fluent, real answers if I don’t think about it beforehand. Once I see that red light on the camera, it’s showtime.

This usually will lead to one of two scenarios. The first scenario is the more probable of the two. In this situation, I mess up once and keep messing up for about another 50 takes. If that doesn’t happen, I could nail it in one take and feel like the man.

I just cannot express in enough words how grateful, thankful, honored and a bunch of other words meaning the same thing, I am truly humbled that I not only have had the opportunity to do this, but also that this is my job. It honestly does not feel like a job most of the time.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

What do you think?

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