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Saint Rose Experiences: Special Thank Yous

A lot of people in our lives really do not truly realize the impact they might have on other. In this blog I really just want to take the time to thank two seniors (who also blog) who have really influenced me more than they know. I would also like to apologize because this has the potential to get real sappy and real sad, real quick.

Some friendships really take you by surprise. I never expected Courtney to befriend me the way she did. I first met Courtney Carr last year when I was a resident of Lima Hall. Although she was not my RA, we lived in the same building so our paths were simply bound to cross at some point and I am so glad they did.

I had a lot of friends on Lima 4, which was Courtney’s floor last year, so I was constantly up there. Once I first talked to Courtney, I knew she was someone who I wanted in my life. It went from simple little “Hey there(s)!” to “Don’t worry, I’ll be upstairs later to bug you.”

From there, we started getting closer and hanging out more. I remember asking you to vlog (check it out here for nostalgia) with us last year to playing parking lot tennis to you helping me get through the day, whether you knew it or not.

This year, I was lucky enough to have you as my RA, which I really could not be more thankful for. We’ve hung out more, gotten closer and you really have given me all the guidance I’ve needed.
Venturing up to Lima 4 was always great, but seeing you always brightened the day. You took one of the pictures of me from last year in Lima and hung it up this year in Alumni Hall, which really made me smile. You’ve even made me into the tour guide I am today. You requested for me to shadow you at my first event as a tour guide and I’m glad I got to watch you in action and learn from you. There aren’t many people more knowledgeable than you when it comes to Saint Rose and I completely accredit how much I know about the school from you.

Courtney and I prior to giving tours

Courtney and I prior to giving tours

I really don’t know what I’m going to do next year. You’ve helped me get through so much, you have given me so much great advice, you’ve simply been a role model to me and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you, Courtney.



The next person I’m going to talk about started as a co-worker and eventually turned into an amazing friend. Meghan Kiely, I’m talking about you. I first met Meghan through becoming an Online Ambassador, my job that I love more than most things. (At this point in typing, I am struggling to keep tears in.)

The first thing you had me do was come to Karaoke Night in the Main Lounge. Although you guilted me into it, I’m really glad you did. You immediately took me out of my comfort zone, which is now one of the biggest things I advocate on my tours and in these blogs. Karaoke Night led me to coming to more events on campus and really beginning to absorb what it’s like to really have a “college experience.”.

From there, I knew you were someone older who I could trust. Last year, when I was going through a really rough patch in my life, you were there for me and I can’t thank you enough. Another thing you did that was great was introduce me to the Student Events Board. I never thought I’d be involved with such a great club and I never thought I would really be able to make a difference.

Through SEB, I’ve met a lot of really amazing people and I’ve been able to fill a bunch of roles that I did not think I would. You encouraged me to become a member and I simply cannot express how happy I am. I love SEB, I love what it represents and I love how involved with it I have become.

Meghan and I at an SEB Event that I was lucky enough to host.

Meghan and I at an SEB Event that I was lucky enough to host.

Recently you taught another very important lesson. You taught me that it’s okay to not be perfect. You taught me that sometimes you won’t always succeed, but it’s where you go from there that really builds character.

Within the past few months, I had applied for a position but unfortunately did not get it. Was I upset about it? Yeah absolutely. Did I cry over? I’m not even ashamed to admit that I did. What did Meghan do? She encouraged me to not get discouraged about it. I am very thick-headed so it took a few times for it to kick in. You told me to not let it stop me from participating in things I love to do.

I really do not take failures very well, especially when I become emotionally invested in things the way I do, but you told me, “You can either let a situation make you bitter or better. Let it make you better, okay? Learn from it.” Sometimes you underestimate the power of words. Reading that text made me cry, but not bad tears. This time they were good tears that came from an encouraging text when I had hit a low.
I know I call you “mom” a lot, but in all honesty you have really been a role model to me since I’ve been a Golden Knight and I really look up to you, more than you know. Thank you.

Next year is going to be very hard for me, not having these two wonderful women by side. I really don’t know how I’m going to deal with you two not being here. I want to thank you again for everything you two have done for me. You’ve both been amazing to me and I can confidently say that I know I made some amazing friends in college. You both have changed my life for the better and I seriously could be not be more thankful to have found both of you. You both are amazing and I know you’re gonna do amazing things at your next stops in this adventure. I love you both. Thank you, for everything.

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