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Saint Rose history- just as colorful as Hogwarts!

As I was perusing through a book on the history of Saint Rose (“Of Glory, Of Praise,” published in 1994, if anyone is curious) I stumbled upon a very interesting fact. Saint Rose used to have class colors. If I did my calculations correctly (I sound very cool or at least like Velma when I say that) the senior class this year has the same colors as the first class that entered Saint Rose 92 years ago. When they graduate their colors will be passed on to next years’ freshmen and so on and so forth. The current colors for classes are as follows:

Crimson & Silver (Senior)

Green & Gold (Junior)

Red & White (Sophomore)

Buff & Blue (Freshman)

If you didn’t know what buff is, its dark brown beige, and as a freshman that along with blue are my classes’ colors. I think it’s pretty cool uncovering fun facts like that; Saint Rose has a vibrant history that I hope will come into focus over my next four years here, so stay tuned there might be more gems like this coming your way soon!

A perfect example of what can be found in the Archives! Here are students in an astrology class. (Image used with permission from the Saint Rose Archives)


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