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SaintRose Compliments!

So if you are a frequent user of Facebook and are a member of the Saint Rose community, you’ve probably noticed this new Facebook User/Page (I don’t know what to classify them as) – SaintRose Compliments. This is the information posted in the “About” section of their Facebook Page:

  “SaintRose Compliments is a social project that aims to spread joy and happiness to the Saint Rose Community. This initiative began at Queen’s University. Everyday we will log on and update our status to bring joy to the people you feel should be recognized! Just message a compliment to this page (not on the group wall) that you may have about someone from the SaintRose Community, and we will publish it anonymously. So, if you have something nice that you’d like to say about anyone at SaintRose, but aren’t too comfortable to tell them in person, send us the compliment, and we’ll post it anonymously. By tagging them in the post, we’ll make sure that they are notified about the compliment. Your name will be kept anonymous. IF YOU NOTICE SOMEBODY AT STROSE WITH A FACEBOOK PLEASE SUGGEST THEM TO THIS PAGE !!! Keep in mind that hateful or rude remarks will be completely disregarded. SPREAD HAPPINESS! COMPLIMENT AWAY! This page (SaintRose Compliments) is not affiliated with The College of Saint Rose.”

After receiving a compliment (and crying a lot), I was dying to know more about this page. After messaging them on Facebook, they were nice enough to comply and answer my questions. So here it is – a little more about SaintRose Compliments!

1) WHO ARE YOU!? You don’t have to tell, but this is the most asked question I’ve been getting, and figured I’d ask.
A) I’m a Saint Rose student, just like everyone else here. I’m no different than you.
2) What is your mission with this Facebook page?
A) My mission is quite simple: It’s to inspire others to see the good in their fellow classmates and staff members. We get so wrapped up in our studies that we forget to appreciate all that each person does for others everyday.
3) What inspired you to do this? Anything specifically, or was this a long time goal you wanted to do?
A) Well, I’m not actually that creative. There are a bunch of these pages, the one I saw was for Virginia Tech, so I decided we needed one. It was kind of spur of the moment.
4) What’s the weirdest compliment you’ve gotten?
A) Me personally? Or that I’ve received on here? Personally I think it was that someone thought I smelled like Pez, and they liked it. On here… probably the quote from the office about enemies.. I’ll never figure that out.
5) What’s the nicest compliment you’ve gotten?
A) Personally- Being told that I was a good role model for their child from a parent…pretty much thought I was going to cry. On here, I can’t even choose, everyone here is so filled with love.
6) Why did you choose Saint Rose as your college?
A) If I answer this honestly, you will have a very big clue as to who I am. But just know that this is the only college I applied to, I just knew I wanted to come here.
7) If you could get a hug from anyone, who would it be?
A) Anyone? Oh my goodness, I have no idea. My friends are pretty generous with their hugs, so I guess it would have to be Miranda Lambert. Love her.
8)If you had to pick the nicest individual on campus, who would you pick and why? Were they an inspiration for this Facebook group?
A)I honestly can’t single out one person as the nicest individual on campus. Everyone on this campus has mad such a difference in my life. I didn’t fit in when I was in high school and Saint Rose is just home to me.

9) Would you consider using other social media sites to spread this cheer, like Twitter or Tumblr?

A) I don’t know how to use Tumblr to be honest and I don’t know how people would be able to send me anonymous messages on twitter. Plus I’m running this on my own, I think one site is enough for me.

10) This isn’t a question, but rather a thank you, on behalf of the Saint Rose community. Whoever you are, you’re an amazing person.
A) Thanks! You guys rock!

And that’s it! If you would like to submit a positive compliment, you can message SaintRose Compliments yourself.

Make sure to Friend Request SaintRose Compliments and submit some compliments to your friends at Saint Rose! 🙂 🙂

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