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Salem Adventure

By now I am sure you have heard about all the trips that various Saint Rose clubs and organizations put on for students to get a chance to get off of campus- if you haven’t all you need to know if that we adventure a lot. This past weekend my friends and I went on the Salem MA trip hosted by NSA (Natural Science Association) and explored the area for the whole day.

We went to a really old cemetery.

Aside from being happy to be back in my home state it was nice to be in a part of the country that takes Halloween so seriously when it is only a couple weeks away. The group of students that went on the trip went on two tours of Salem and on the ghost tour that took place right as it was getting we went to the “Hocus Pocus House”.  If you do not know what Hocus Pocus is then I am not sure we can be friends as it is one of my hall time favorite movies. I was so happy to be at the house that was used for filming that I can not actually tell you the name of the historic house but I can tell you that my tour guide did say the house is actually haunted and many people report paranormal things happening to them on the grounds.

Kim, Taylor, Harrison, and myself exploring the bay area.

Another highlight of our day was when my group of friends found a historic boat in one of Salem’s bays. It was cool just to explore around the boat and watch the seagulls break open clams on the surrounding rocks (it was cooler than it sounds). The Salem trip offered a nice day vacation away from Albany and also allowed me to eat real clam chowder- not this watery stuff that New York passes off as clam chowder (#MassachusettsPride).

Below you will find the trailer to Hocus Pocus- if you have never seen this movie I feel for you and recommend that you try and watch it right away.



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