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Saying Hello to a Second Semester (Its Not Easier)

Everyone, myself included, expects second semester of freshmen year to be less stressful as opposed to first semester. After being back on campus for a little under 48 hours I can assure you that- that is a false presumption. You may think that second semester gets easier but in reality the classes just get harder and you forget the tricks of living on campus that were learned 6 months prior.

My Evidence for this is simple-
When I first moved in for my first semester I did not make a single freshmen mistake and behold- m first night back I locked myself out and was left to eat Hello Kitty Jellybeans in the hallway (that sounds a tad dramatic as my roommate showed up within 15 minutes). Although I’ve only been gone four weeks, it was time enough for me to start forgetting to carry my room key, forget the hours of the dinning hall, AND to top it all off I forgot the TV channels of lovely Albany. There is also that added pressure for freshmen that results from knowing we picked the classes we are in. There was no computer randomly sorting us into freshmen classes this time, it was just us. That simple fact may seem like nothing but in reality when a certain class is not what you thought it was it matters more than anything.

Although I have managed to make many freshmen like mistakes in the past 48 hours and am far more stressed than I was back in August, I am still more than happy to be back in my second home. This outweighs the forgetting of things around campus and the stress of new classes as still enjoying being on campus shows me how much I really do love it here.

What do you think?

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