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Schedule Making!

So, you can call me a dork and make fun of me all you want, but my favorite time of year has come! It’s not Fall (even though I really adore the Fall), and it’s not because my birthday is in 4 days (yay!), or even because of Halloween (my favorite holiday ever)… Do you want to know why it’s my favorite time of year?

Schedule Making!

I am scarily going into the second half of my 3rd year of college. Where has the time gone?
I checked undergraduate courses literally every day for 2 weeks before I finally saw the Spring 2013 course listings. Can we also talk about how I’m still stuck in 2010 and it’s almost 2013… Once again.. Time. Where are you? Come back.

Anyway, of course when the course listings finally went up, I was no where near my computer. My friend told me about them, I squealed.. a lot! Then I ran to get my laptop to finally see what I could take! My schedule for next semester (hopefully!) is perfect! I have early classes, am doing directed research, and am finally taking biology courses.
Directed research for all of you potential psychology majors (or if you already are a psychology major, which is AWESOME, by the way) is a research opportunity that you should take! You work directly with a professor in the psychology department (for me, it’s Dr. Flint) and you conduct research with them. I am going to be doing experiments with rats. How cool is that!? What are you all taking next semester?

Unfortunately, next semester, I will have no life. If I thought I didn’t have a life now.. I just need to wait. It’s not going to get much better. Not to say that being a psychology major is all work and play… but sometimes… it is just that.
Luckily at Saint Rose, there are many events that you can attend to kind of take a break and relax.This week, I attended Fancy Fest, which is our school’s version of Harvest Fest! I got a cool tux t-shirt in blue, and also got a caricature done with my 2 friends.. for FREE!  Having a great social support system and awesome roommates is always the best way to get through.  I really am lucky at this school! 🙂

Feelin' super fancy today due to my new Fancy Fest T-shirt! 😀

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 🙂 Be safe!

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