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School of Education provides resources for educators on helping kids navigate current events

Adults aren’t the only ones contemplating the issues facing the nation and finding navigating them more difficult in the face of political polarization, the rise of social media as a source of information, and the backlash to recent discourse about criminal justice and racism. The Thelma P. Lally School of Education is sharing the following resources for educators on how to help students, particularly those in grades three through 12, navigate current events.

“We know that teachers are responsible for more than delivering curriculum and meeting student learning needs. As much as we try to focus students on the work before them, the walls of a classroom do not keep out what’s going on in the world,” said Dr. Terri Ward, interim dean of the Thelma P. Lally School of Education. “Part of the educational process is learning how to digest complex topics and navigate various viewpoints, and the issues facing the nation and the world today leave no shortage of opportunities for students to practice these skills. Teachers, however, must be equipped to be students’ guides when those discussions inevitably enter the classroom.”

Resources for the educator:

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