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See the Love in Every Eye- Paula Cole visits St. Rose

When I first walked on to campus in August I noticed a calendar of events for the upcoming school year. I saw the normal art shows and music concerts but on February 23rd  there was a faced I recognized- Paula Cole’s. If you have any doubt in your mind who Paula Cole is all I need to do is say “I don’t want to wait” and if that doesn’t click your brain into gear than all I really have to say is Dawson’s Creek theme song. (yes that ting in your brain is the sound of recognition).

I was super psyched to see her live and was more than willing to pay the ticket price however that was in August and when February rolled around I found myself less willing to pay even the student price as I was the clichéd broke-college-student. Eventually the days leading up to the concert came and went and I still had not purchased my ticket and I felt as if all hope was lost. Sitting in my dorm room I was content to eat the ice cream I took from the dining hall but then my friend Corrie showed up and had an extra ticket that she just so happened to get for free at music convocation. Win for me.

We showed up to Massry, found our seats right in the middle four rows up, double win, and I anticipated what I knew was going to be a great show. I knew that Paula would play her most noted songs ( I Dont Want To Wait and Where Have The Cowboys Gone) but I was also interested in her other songs that I admit I did not know well at all. They were beautiful and reminded me why I loved the sound of her voice so much. I have never seen such talent live before (granted I saw Ke$ha live in August- I mean I love the glitter queen but even I will admit she isn’t that great live). Then after an amazing set Paula closed with Dolly Parton’s Jolene and pleased her partly college audience with a skill we did not see coming- beat boxing. Yup. Paula Cole the woman with an amazing voice and stage presence can also beat box like a champ.

This was an amazing show as any one in the concert hall can tell you and I thank Corrie and her magic extra ticket for giving me the opportunity to see someone I have listened to since my love for the 90’s began.

Copy: Warner Bros. Released:1997 VH1 Top 100 Songs of the 90’s: #81

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