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Sending Love Songs

As a proud member of the Golden Notes, I am excited to share our plans for Valentine’s Day. The Golden Notes will be performing singing grams on Monday, February 13th in the main dining hall.

What are singing grams? I am so glad you asked! We have a list of 4 songs (2 group songs, the boys’ song and the girls’ song) that people can choose from. They pay $1 for us to sing the song to the person of their choice: boyfriend, girlfriend, crush or best friend–it really does not matter to us.

I am singing the lead to the girls’ song, which is Britney’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” We will probably not be wearing tied up dress shirts that show our tummies or pigtails, but it will still be epic! Feel free to check out the original version of the song!

The boys are going to sing “This I Promise You” by N’Sync. They sound so great! Until you can hear our guys sing it, listen to N’Sync’s version.

We’ve been practicing for Monday by singing our songs to random strangers in Massry. People’s responses are hilarious. Some people are excited to hear us sing, some sing along with us while others look confused the entire time. When we finish singing we all scream, “Happy Valentine’s Day” (even though Valentine’s Day is a week away). It’s like a musical  flash mob 🙂

We have lots of fun together doing what we love to do. That’s the best part!

Bring a friend to the dining hall and make this holiday special. Let us sing to you!

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