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Senior Recitals – What are they?

Something that happens at the end of your time at Saint Rose when you are a Music Education Major or are getting a B.A. in Music is your SENIOR RECITAL!  What is a senior recital, you ask? Well, I’m here to fill in the blanks for you, post some pictures of some of the amazing students who performed this weekend, and brag about how awesome the Saint Rose Music Department is in general. LET’S GO!

Music Education Major Chris Weatherly playing his Euphonium (which is, in my opinion, the COOLEST instrument) for his senior recital! Photo Credit Genevieve Diller

1) What is a Senior Recital, exactly?
A) WELL, a senior recital is a musical performance done on either an instrument or with the voice. It is normally 40-60 minutes, and the music performed is usually in a classical setting. It’s a cumulation of everything that the student has learned in his/her four years of study and ranges in musical styles from the Baroque period to the 20th century.

Student singer Alejandra Lizama performs for her senior recital, accompanied by Barbara Musial. Photo Credit Genevieve Diller

2) Who puts them on?
A) At The College of Saint Rose, either music education students or students completing the B.A. in music degree. Students who major in Music Industry make their own senior album, which is a compilation of all of their original songs written in the four years of study.

Student pianist Anja Barnes performs for her senior recital! Photo Credit Genevieve Diller

3) What are the requirements for putting on a senior recital?
A)  The requirements vary from singers and instrumentalists. For instrumentalists, works must be performed in the classical medium that come from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and the 20th century. Voice students must perform songs in sets that are in Italian, German, French, and English (or any other language that your teacher approves), and must come from the same time periods listed previously. Some pieces can be duets and trios, and if you have the talent, you can perform your own arrangements/compositions.

B.A. student Justine Crevatas sings a duet with her voice teacher, Lucille Beer. (It was amazing!!!) Photo Credit Genevieve Diller

4) Is there food?
A) YES. It’s like a wedding; you need fancy clothes, lots of flowers, and LOTS of food for a reception afterwards. OM NOM NOM. 🙂

Alejandra’s reception set-up was just so colorful and bright and happy! It made the atmosphere so bright and happy during her reception! Photo Credit Genevieve Diller

5) Should I go to them?
A) YES YES YES YES YES! Please, if you have friends doing their senior recitals, go support them! Get them flowers, give them hugs, and send your love! A lot of work goes into performing a senior recital, and it means a lot to the students to go and support them.

My friend Lauren Bergeron at her reception after her recital! And yes, she’s holding a cactus. Those count as flowers too! 🙂 Photo Credit Genevieve Diller

If you have any more questions about recitals, feel free to ask in the comments below! Congratulations to everyone who put on a recital this semester! They were all so amazing! I have a lot to live up to next year! 😉

Have a good week everyone!


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