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Setting up Shop!

Hi everyone!

As you can imagine, the last few weeks after graduating and before arriving in D.C. have been unprecedented! When I arrived; I spent time getting to know my neighborhood and routes to work. I was surprised as to how easy it is to travel in the area and how beautiful where I live (Alexandria, VA) and work (Washington, D.C) are.

I must admit; the night before my first day (June 2) at Legal Services Corporation I was quite nervous. But my nerves perished when I got to the office and was greeted by so many smiling, welcoming faces. During my orientation I was introduced to other interns that were placed in other offices. I was placed in the Executive Office, and I couldn’t help notice how gorgeous my view was.

Can you say amazing?

Office View

Not surprisingly, I have been allocated a few assignments but what helps is feeling like I am part of the team already. Richard, Special Assistant to the President, had me research information and construct a checklist based on the information I found. Becky, one of the other Special Assistants to the President, had me research State Supreme Court Justices and their connections between LSC and their interest in legal aid. I find the work I am doing eye opening and challenging. This is what any intern hopes for.

Some of my goals for this internship are:

  •       When provided with constructive feedback on work-in-progress; using feedback to revise documents effectively and to improve as a writer, employee, and future student of law.
  •       Where appropriate, showing that I can take the initiative to make independent decisions or to begin new projects without direct supervision; asking questions when necessary, but managing projects mostly on my own.
  •       Managing my time effectively: establishing a schedule for tasks and budgeting time appropriately.
  •       Learning a new skill and working on old ones like computer, communication, and organization skills.
  •       Lastly, but not least. Working cooperatively as a team member. By forming work relationships and demonstrating the ability to compromise and to negotiate with others towards a consensus opinion or decision. I am essentially networking and will be able to ask those I harmoniously worked with for future recommendations.

For other interns I found this website, Mastering Your Summer Internship to be very helpful.

That’s all for now! Next time I’ll share with you more about my internship and things to do in Washington, D.C. that I am looking forward to checking off my bucket list.

What do you think?

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