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Shamless, but not really, concert promotion

Well, it certainly has been one h-e –double hockey sticks- of a semester already and it’s only been a week. (It’s been so hectic that I was actually supposed to post this yesterday… oops) I have to say though; it’s good to be back. I have really missed my friends so much and I honestly missed being at Saint Rose every day.  I’ve enjoyed my classes so far. Though they have been tough, I have been managing this rough schedule of 18 credits and 25 hours of classroom observations. I start my observations on Thursday and I am really nervous. I want everyone at the school to like me, and most importantly I want to know that teaching is what I am meant for….

It’s never easy to get through a semester when so much is expected of you, but I’ve learned if you have a good support system (one being that oh, so comfy bed that I can barely get out of in the morning) you can really make it through anything. Make sure you get sleep, eat good food and have a good support system. Do this and I know we can succeed!

Now, the reason for my blogging: promotion. Our favorite thing.

I, along with my co-leader Natish, have been working really hard on the planning of the New Orleans alternate spring break trip. It’s been fun so far planning the trip but now the hard part is coming up, how do we actually DO this trip? We have been having meetings with our fantastic team, which certainly has been getting us excited for the trip. It’s almost a month away! The hardest part though, is implementing the actual goals of the trip. How can keep all the expectations of our participants?

The one thing we have been working hard on is Rock the Build 2, which I have mentioned before. This is the first step in achieving the goals Natish and I have for this trip.  We have everything all set for this event. Posters are up, performers are booked and we’re thinking we’re going to have a really great turn out. I have to really thank everyone that has helped out with this event one way or another. It could have not been planned without you all. If you want to donate to this event in anyway, whether it be goods for us to raffle off, donating refreshments, or anything of the sort, it would be appreciated more than you know. So please- save the date February 10, 2012 (the doors open at 7 and the first band is on at 7:30pm) and come to Rock the Build 2 at Jack’s Place! All are welcomed!


  2 comments for “Shamless, but not really, concert promotion

  1. Courtney C
    January 25, 2012 at 1:13 PM

    I’ll be there!! 🙂

  2. Gigi Diffenback
    January 25, 2012 at 2:42 PM

    YAYYY! 🙂

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