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So long, farewell…

Freshman year has been a whirlwind of memories and introductions to best friends and essays galore. I’ve met so many wonderful people that have helped me grow as a person and become who I’m meant to be right now in this moment. Saint Rose’s welcoming atmosphere and welcoming community have made it easy for me to be comfortable, and easy to get out of my comfort zone. I can’t believe this year is coming to a close!

I can’t say I’m not ECSTATIC to be done with finals (well, almost done- I only have two papers left!!), but there is definitely a bittersweet taste left in my mouth because these aren’t just my last few days on campus as a freshman, but my last few days on campus… period.

Saint Rose has been an extraordinary home for me over the past year and I wouldn’t change anything about my time here at all. Everything happens for a reason, and it is that same mantra that will carry me through the next three years of college from my hometown in Buffalo, NY. Before I left for school last August, I craved independence and to be far from my family. I wanted to make a name for myself in a new city, and meet new people. And I did that! I’ve had the pleasure of living with the most amazing roommate in the world, being neighbors with some of the most sweet and generous girls (who are always down for a good Disney singalong!), singing with an extremely talented and kind Music Ministry group, and working with some of my favorite ridiculous, hysterical, genuine people in the world. The people that I’ve met and loved at Saint Rose will always be in my heart, especially when I am far from them next year in the faraway winter wonderland of Buffalo. Don’t forget, everything happens for a reason.

I want to end this post just thanking a few people that I’ve met here (that I also have flattering pictures with), I hope that’s cool. 🙂


Roomie Love

Taylor, thank you for being so understanding of my weirdness and for living with me for the past year. I don’t think anyone else would have been able to put up with my quirks, and I’m so happy I got to navigate freshman year with someone as solid and vivacious as you by my side. I love you, ya goofball!


Julia, I know you don’t like to express feelings but I have a lot of lovey-dovey friendship feelings for you. I’m glad you’ve always got my back from boy problems, to harmonizing, to DP Dough deliveries in the wee hours of the morning. You’re my best friend and I will continue to annoy you whether you like it or not.





Music Ministry, I’m glad that you all laugh at my jokes on Sundays and wave and say hi to me when you see me on campus. Thank you for helping me to feel comfortable and happy with my faith, and for pushing me out of my comfort zone to sing the Alleluia occasionally! I love the community we’ve built and I hope I can crash Pyramid Lake next year!

me and dad

Mike, believe it or not, I feel like you taught ME How To: College. Thank you for sharing your supreme intellect and sophomore experience, as well as putting up with my panicking about school and reassuring me that I will probably make it out alive. I’m gonna miss you a lot next year (and don’t forget you pinky swore you wouldn’t stop being my friend) and good luck finding someone as silly as me to edit the videos next year!







































Signing off,

Amelia Bedelia

PS- Don’t you…. forget about me 🙂

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