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So this is totally Kayla Germain’s area of expertise, but I wanted to do a blog post spotlighting the myriad of Saint Rose Social Media Accounts and Profiles that are available on the web. When I started Saint Rose as an undergrad in 2008, I am certain there wasn’t an official Saint Rose Facebook Page or Twitter Page.. heck student’s were still using Microsoft Outlook to check their email! (Sorry faculty…I know you’re still stuck with it!) Reflecting back on when I began my experience here, it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in terms of Social Media!

Saint Rose boasts a Twitter Feed (@collegeofstrose) that provides daily tid bits of information about the school, daily happenings, as well as important information for the school community. We also have a fantastic Facebook Page ( which provides users an opportunity to keep abreast on what’s happening at Saint Rose. Finally and more recently, Saint Rose is finally on instagram. (collegeofstrose).

Besides general accounts at the college, most offices have their own Facebook pages and Twitter feeds as well. For example, the Saint Rose Community Service Office has a twitter feed (@StRoseCommServ) which updates students on community service opportunities. The Student Association also tweets from their account (@strosesa) about events going on through SA.

In this technologically advanced time in history, it’s exciting to see our college move forward into social media! The next time you are on Facebook, be sure to check out the College’s page! Curious as to what offices have online services, Twitter Pages, or Facebook Pages? Check Here! 

I wanted to end this with a quote: “Technology is slowly swallowing our reality and regurgitating it as fact… this is my reality.”

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