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Spontaneity: A Senior’s Best Friend

At the beginning of the semester I had so many things that I wanted to do. I wanted to try and fit every last Saint Rose experience into a set number of days just to say that I did it. That was three months ago and now with only one month left I have realized this was not the best idea.

My friend, Ellen, and I at Thatcher park.

My friend, Ellen, and I at Thatcher park.

Instead of planning out everyday with something new to try I have fallen into the comforts of spontaneity. I like the idea of doing what I want, when I want, and without the pressures of writing it into the free days on my planner. Now I look to spend my free time hitting up my friends for random trips to Thatcher Park, the record store, or to just go sit on the quad. I think that this is also in part due to the realization that college will be the last time that many of us will be living in such close proximity to people that we like hanging out with. Because of this I am all for late night food orders, blanket fort making, and saying yes to nearly every last minute adventure that is proposed.

One of my highlights of last week was asking my friend and fellow blogger, Meghan Kiely, to grab ice cream at one of my favorite shops in Albany, Emack & Bolio’s. Meghan took little persuading to join me in a quest for ice cream goodness and we spent over an hour sitting in the eclectic shop talking about everything from classes to what we were going to do in the real world. Another spontaneous adventure happened when I was visiting childhood friends in my sleepy hometown of Southwick, Massachusetts. Somehow between eating Easter dinner and dying eggs I found myself at a motto-cross race watching people race dirt bikes around the dirt track that I used to be able to hear from my house. I had never been there before but with my new “say yes” and “dont plan ahead” attitude I thought that then was as good a time as any to try something new and honestly, it was pretty cool.

After graduation we have the rest of our lives to schedule things out and be functioning members of society but until then I will continue to sacrifice sleep for shenanigans, healthy eating habits for ice cream, and lazy Sundays for hiking adventures.



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