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Spring?! Is That Really You?

Today was a most momentous day: I stepped out of the CCIM building only to find sunshine and warmth! I had to stop and pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming! Could spring really be here?

With temperatures expected to be above 50 degrees for the next week, I think it’s safe to say that spring has finally arrived. What does that mean for Saint Rose students? It means that the “beach” (AKA the campus green) is open! That also means that there are a few suggestions I have for extra things to pack for school next year!

Springtime sunsets on Madison Ave are some of the most beautiful around!

Springtime sunsets on Madison Ave are some of the most beautiful around!


1. A Blanket

Not that getting your pants or shorts a little muddy or dirty really hurts anyone, having a good blanket to sit or lay down on is something that is a definite must! The biggest, thickest, oldest blanket you own, preferably! You can’t visit the beach without a towel! Duh!

2. Sunglasses

Everyone loves the sunshine but that also means protecting your precious little eyeballs from any sun damage! (Remember: Don’t stare at the sun! At least that’s what my mom always told me..) However, do NOT fall asleep in the sun with them on. We will all be able to tell if you did from your hilarious raccoon eye tan line! Sunglasses also double as excellent people-watching devices, and a packed quad can be a perfect location to do that.

Pretty soon everything will be turning green!

Pretty soon everything will be turning green!

3. Sunscreen

If you’re practically albino like me, it’s always good to bring sunscreen with you and put it on before you sit outside. 1 in 5 Americans will develop some form of skin cancer over their lifetime. It’s a scary thought but also a good reality check. It may not be the cool thing to do but protect that skin, people! Getting a healthy tan is always great but use some SPF!

4. Kan Jam! (Or just a frisbee in general)

Kan Jam is the ever popular team frisbee game that seems to go hand in hand with warm sunny days. The campus quad is the perfect place to get a couple of teams together and play! Make sure that you actually know how to throw a frisbee though, because occasionally stray frisbees will hit innocent bystanders. (I’ve been personally victimized by runaway frisbees…it happens)

5. Books!

And I’m not talking a textbook! A sunny day on the campus quad is a prime reading location. Taking time out of your busy day to sit down and read something for fun is always a good way to relax. But, if you’re too overloaded with work to take a break, at least do your class readings outside and enjoy the sun!

Casual Quad Activities!

Casual Quad Activities!

Spring is in the air, people! The sun is shining, the temperatures are climbing, and although the end of the year stress is setting in, don’t let that get in the way of you taking time to get your daily dose of Vitamin D!

What do you think?

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