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Student Teaching From the Student’s POV: Week 1!

Greetings, readers of the Saint Rose Blog! And welcome to the first week of “Genevieve talks about her experiences during her time as a student teacher and talks to other student teachers about it” series! Since that title is a bit long (and a bit silly), I’m shortening it to “Student Teaching from the Student’s Point of View”! For this entire semester, the majority of my blog posts will be focusing around Student Teaching! Get excited!

Attached to this post is a video of me speaking about my experiences. Yes, I know it’s not fancy. Yes, I know I talk a lot and ramble on about certain things. But, I figured it’d be good for you all to put a face to my name and to hear real words coming out of my mouth as I talk about this life-changing experience. Becoming an educator – especially a music educator – (as I will say in my video) is no easy task; you have to put your entire heart and soul into it. Hopefully I am successful in doing that as I advance forward into my student teaching career.


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