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Students & Alumni respond- “Why did you choose Saint Rose?”

It’s January, and as the Saint Rose class of 2013 prepares to bid campus farewell in May, many offices on campus begin to gear up for the incoming Saint Rose class of 2017. Admissions is bustling, current students are applying for

Image taken during a recent snowfall in Albany on January 16, 2012. (photo credit: Kayla Germain)

orientation leader positions, and offices are planning to welcome the incoming class this summer. Ah, the college life cycle!

The college application process has changed for students, and we know that high school seniors often have many choices for where it is they want to earn their degree. So, why choose Saint Rose? To answer this question we used the College’s social media channels to ask our ultimate ambassadors- alumni and current students- “Why did you choose Saint Rose?”

“I chose The College of Saint Rose for the small classes sizes, personal and caring approach to education and the confidence that my future degree would lead me to success. Looking back seven years later, I realize I stayed for all of those reasons, and for the friends, professors and peers who became family.” ~Lindsay R.

“Walking on campus for the first time most of the people I walked by would smile and some even said hello. It might not seem like much to everyone, but it was to me! Now that I have been at St.Rose for my 4th year I continue to walk around campus and smile and say hello to people. It is a pleasure to tell people that I attend The College of Saint Rose!” ~Lori B.

“I came from a small school and my track coach (also an elementary teacher, which is my major) went here and LOVED it. I had to check it out and when I did, I fell in love!” ~Danielle M.

“Because for me it felt right the minute I stepped on campus. I have many St. Rose graduates in my family as well.” ~Drew

“I chose Saint Rose as my first and only college of choice because unlike other colleges, Saint Rose was warm, welcoming and had a feel of family. I loved the small classes and the educational program was amazing!” ~Sara A.

“I chose Saint Rose because it was close to home and seemed like such a welcoming environment. I made the right choice.” ~via Twitter user

“It’s like Disney: the best place on earth. Really, it is! From the professors to the campus to the courses. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE :)” ~Gina L.

“I attended a private school from 5th grade until the 12th. I love small schools because you get more attention from your professors and administrators. It’s like a small family at Saint Rose. I love the atmosphere and I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.” ~Brian W.

” I knew Saint Rose was my top pick the minute I toured the campus. I love the size and feel of the community. The CSD program is also excellent!” ~Amanda C.

“I chose St. Rose because it was my dream school. Not too big, not too small. It was perfect. The atmosphere of everyone knowing everyone really interested me. My high school was a lot like that. My first tour of St. Rose was great and right away I felt like I was at home. It also didn’t hurt that my mom and aunt had went there! Another reason is for the Education department. St. Rose is known across the country as being a fantastic school for teaching! When I was accepted, it was seriously one of the best days (when I got my financial aid package, it was even better!). I loved the campus, I loved the people, and I loved the opportunities I knew I would be presented with while choosing Saint Rose, and I was not disappointed!” ~Gigi D.

“Felt like a home away from home. The people were friendly and the faculty was supportive. Even as an alum they still care.” ~Sarah E.

We had so many wonderful responses, more than we could publish, and we’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone that responded. We were overwhelmed, in a great way! It was heartwarming to read that so many of you consider Saint Rose your home, and you feel the tight community that we so often talk about with others. Thank you alumni, and current students, for taking a minute to share with others why Saint Rose was the place you chose. And thank you, readers, for checking it out!

If you’re interested in learning more about The College of Saint Rose, please check out our undergraduate admissions page  for more information.

If your response wasn’t featured, or if you haven’t had a chance to share why you chose Saint Rose, please comment and share with others why YOU chose The College of Saint Rose.




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