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Summer Travels 2012

Sophia Paljevic "Kissing the Sky" Photo by: Brendan Peo

Hi Everyone! It’s been a while since my last post, so I am hoping everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer vacation away from campus. I, myself, am still in Albany and working at the college for the summer as a Media Technologist for the Office of Media Services. Although I am still around and working, I am still finding many ways to have fun and make the best of my summer. One of these ways is taking weekend trips! In fact, this past Thursday-Monday, I was in Chicago with my friend to see Brad Paisley at Wrigley Field, as well as to explore all that the great city has to offer! I had such an amazing time. The weather was brilliant and the sights were breathtaking!

Chicago, Ill Photo By: Brendan Peo

Originally from Long Island, I was spoiled with the close proximity I was to New York City. I always felt it was THE BEST city in the world. I do love NY, but traveling and exploring other places has broadened my view on how I see the world. At times, I am appreciative that I lived and grew up near such an amazing city and other times, I wish I grew up elsewhere. I felt the latter when I was in Laguna Beach, California this past February. It is good and seemingly necessary to recognize where you came from and where you were raised. You may not like it or have liked it, but your views will change with time!

Authentic Chicago "Deep Dish" Pizza Photo by: Brendan Peo

Some of you may wonder how the heck I am traveling so much, especially with a job. Well, I am not going to LA or Chicago all the time. These trips were planned in advance about 6 months ago. You can find great deals online and not all trips need to be a week in length. A major key to trips is doing your research. Don’t click on the first ad that suggests they are the ‘cheapest’ or ‘the best’ because chances are, you will find a better price. Another quick tip is to be or find someone who is a AAA member. AAA rates can be a major money saver for you, especially if you’re booking hotels or excursions. For a weekend trip, try things like hiking or nature preserves. Vermont and Massachusetts have a lot opportunities that are nature/ outdoor oriented. Boston is a wonderful city within close distance to the Capital Region. If you want to stay in New York State, try hiking on the Adirondack Trail, go tubing in a river, visit a baseball stadium, go to a county fair, attend a concert, go to a winery, hit up the beaches, venture through New York City.

When all else fails, just get in your car and start to drive. You’ll be amazed what you will discover. So whatever you plan on doing this summer, make it fun and make it interesting. Traveling can be stressful and at times expensive, but if you make a plan and do some research, you’re guaranteed to have a great experience!


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