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Dogeli Rojas ’15 – Applying to the Peace Corps

Dogeli Rojas, Senior, Psychology major tells us about her process applying to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer after graduation! One of the most intimidating questions anyone could ask a student that is about to graduate is, “What are your plans for after graduation?” The fortunate ones have already found jobs, others will continue to further their education, and the rest fall…

Apply Yourself – Apply to Saint Rose’s Graduate Program!

Well, it’s that time of year again! Time for seniors at colleges like The College of Saint Rose and beyond to sit down and start thinking about the future. Scary, right? If your immediate future is similar to mine, then you’re probably going to try to go to a Graduate School to receive a Masters Degree in something either in your…

Thinking of Graduate Studies?

Some of you may be about midway through your collegiate careers and may be thinking about graduate school. I, myself, recently completed the search and application process and would love to share my experience with you. Here are some tips and things to consider when (if) deciding to continue your education in graduate school! 1. Know your school: This may…