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Food Microbiology – Lyon, France (Part#4)

Sunday and Monday were “free” days to explore the city of Lyon on our own. Sunday: Our group took the tram up to the Aquarium du Grand Lyon. The fish were separated by where they are indigenous to, which was nice because we were able to see which fish were closer to us and which were absolutely not. One of…

Food Microbiology – Lyon, France (Part #1)

On our full first day in Lyon, France we drove to Beaujolais which is in the country side of Lyon. We visited a baker, a cheesemaker, a winemaker and a chocolatier. It was a great experience. We learned many tricks and got to see many microbes in action. Every place we visited used either yeasts or bacteria in their food…

Springtime in London and a Quick Weekend in Brussels

While I’m fully aware of the beauty that London withholds, I’m becoming even more enamored with the city as the weather becomes more temperate. It’s averaged around 57 degrees here lately. Instead of bundling up in layers to combat wind and rain, I’m able to wear a t-shirt, cargo shorts and sunglasses. Primrose Hill has become an ideal destination for…