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Tag: Colleen Thapalia

Good to know: The unusual journey of a unique student

  “I believe I am the first deaf student from Mozambique to go to South Africa and earn an undergraduate degree, come to the United States and come home with a graduate degree,” says Inocencio Zandamela, Fulbright scholar, teacher, advocate, father of four and recipient of a master’s in educational psychology from Saint Rose. A high-profile student, Zandamela volunteered with…

Good to know: “How do you say that in Portuguese?” or, “How the Saint Rose Writing Center is embracing the growing population of students from around the world”

On Tuesday afternoons, Iryna Johnson, a Saint Rose student from Ukraine, sits down for an hour with Jessica Callahan, a tutor in the College’s Writing Center. Johnson is studying for her advanced certificate in adolescent education and Callahan is helping her become better acquainted with some of the finer points of the English language. It is a collaborative process, with…