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Graduation: What I Wish I Understood

This time last year I was an apprehensive senior well on her way to graduating. I was scared of leaving behind the life that I had spent the past four years creating, I was worried that when I moved away my friends would forget about me, and I was absolutely terrified that walking across the graduation stage would mean that…

Found: A Career, Adventures, and a River Otter

It has been about five months since I walked across stage in the Times Union Center, five months since I packed up my life and moved to Texas, and five months since I have seen my friends. Although reading that sentence may make it seem like I am setting this blog up to be sob story about being alone in The…

What Bloggers Do Away From Strose

Hey everyone! The bloggers are back in town! A few us just thought that we’d bring you a MASSIVE BLOG letting you know what we’ve been up to during the hiatus away from The beautiful College of Saint Rose! Here we go: Ashlie Garcia Life outside of Saint Rose has been just as busy as my life in it– I’m…