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Falling for Fall CLASSIC, Classically!

So if you know anything about me, I am a person who loves to travel and I also love to take on leadership roles. Well, this past weekend was quite the combination pack for me as I got to do both of the things I love to do. FALL CLASSIC! happened over this past weekend, and I along with a…

The Pressure to make and keep Friends : Albany vs. London

The majority of my post-abroad transition phase was done back in my hometown of Hartsdale, New York. At times London feels like a distant memory. Spring 2015 was filled with excitement. I explored England during the weekdays; visiting unique museums and taking touristy selfies at every tube stop. On the weekends I would travel to foreign cities and countries; with…

StRose Strong and New Friends made Across the Pond

Studying abroad forces you to adapt. Your surroundings are foreign. You don’t know many. It’s like freshman year all over again. Thankfully, I had the comfort of being surrounded by eight of the best people Saint Rose has to offer. That would be Scott Carpenter, Dominga Gleason, Melissa Nittolo, Jack McDevitt, Mary Kate Nestor, Omar Henry, and one of my best…