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Tag: habitat for humanity

No secret to us: Saint Rose alumni are doing great things

Whether it be through tweets, emails, Google Alerts, or good old-fashioned word-of-mouth, I often hear about what Saint Rose alumni are up to. And they’re doing all sorts of things! From a counselor doing therapy with the aid of horses to a young marketer being named among 30 Under 30 to a graphic design alum going on to work on Orphan Black,…

Welcome to the world of Nicole Dama!

Hola Friends! My name is Nicole Dama. I’m a Public Communications major at The College of Saint Rose from Hyde Park, NY. Many people on campus call me “Dama.” They say it’s more expressive of my personality. “Dama,” means lady in Spanish. I still have no idea what they talking about, but nevertheless, I like it. I’m a senior, and…