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Spring Break – Bonjour from France!

Bonjour! Comment êtes-vous? J’espère que votre semaine de relâche était super! How was my spring break, you ask? Well, there is only one way to describe it: c’était magnifique! Traveling to Le Puy and Lyon with the College of Saint Rose Chamber Choir was an amazing way to spend my spring break, and I am so happy I could share this…

Greetings from Lyon!

This Spring Break trip that I’ve been on with The College of Saint Rose Chamber Choir has been absolutely breath-taking; from seeing the country-side of France to the exciting city life that Lyon has to offer, I have been able to see so many amazing things that I would not have been able to otherwise. Check out some of wonderful…

Parlez-vous français?

One of the most exciting times of year for college students is approaching – SPRING BREAK! This year, the Saint Rose Chamber Choir will be traveling abroad to spread musical cheer and the good name of the college! Can you guess where? That’s right – France! After flying into Geneva, Switzerland, we will be taking a bus to Le Puy, France, where…