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Bringing It Home – The Saint Rose Blog

Tag: Meghan Kiely

What Bloggers Do Away From Strose

Hey everyone! The bloggers are back in town! A few us just thought that we’d bring you a MASSIVE BLOG letting you know what we’ve been up to during the hiatus away from The beautiful College of Saint Rose! Here we go: Ashlie Garcia Life outside of Saint Rose has been just as busy as my life in it– I’m…

Saint Rose Experiences: Special Thank Yous

A lot of people in our lives really do not truly realize the impact they might have on other. In this blog I really just want to take the time to thank two seniors (who also blog) who have really influenced me more than they know. I would also like to apologize because this has the potential to get real…

Dodgeball Madness

Last Tuesday, I got to attend my very first Dodgeball Madness here at Saint Rose. You might have heard that I switched from my regular twitter handle, @stroseamelia, to handle the Official College Twitter with the hashtags, #DodgeballMadness and #stroseamelia. But, if you’re not familiar with this extremely epic tradition, let me set the scene for you: The stands are…