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Planning for Diana

Torre Diana is not expected to be complete for at least two more years, but French architect, Jean Michele and Reichmann´s Development Team, have already begun planning and detailing the building´s main entrance, which will be located in Mexico City on Rio Mississippi.  This morning, Reichmann hosted a small California-based design firm, which builds fountains of all shapes and sizes.  Reichmann has plans to build…

1st Week on the Job

Hi again, During my first week on the job, I spent most of my time with the accounting team learning about tenant contracts and the company´s accounts receivable. Most major tenants in Torre Mayor maintain contracts that span 10 years or more and include details regarding net rent-able area and parking space allotment. Additionally, the company not only boasts a…

International student comes from Mexico City to study at Saint Rose

Earlier this month, you heard from international student Diana Sofia Ortiz Salazar – a music education major who made the trip from Columbia to study at The College of Saint Rose. Today you’ll hear from Susana Cadena, who is originally from Mexico City. This is her first year at Saint Rose, and she has enjoyed collaborating with her professors at…