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On The Hunt… for Jobs!

Something all college students have in common is this singular thought: “WHAT AM I DOING AFTER COLLEGE EEEK!” Don’t deny it, you know you’ve thought it. And that’s (from what I’ve been told) a completely rational thought to have when in college, and in life in general. We’re all scared about the future; whether it be about our career, our…

Confessions Of A Mock Interviewee

As a requirement for my Career Counseling class, I participated in a mock interview today at the Saint Rose Career Center.  A mock interview is essentially a chance to practice interview skills without the stress of risking a job opportunity. We aren’t born with great interviewing skills, so participating in a mock interview is a great way to try out our well-rehearsed…

What’s Next?

When I was looking to choose a college, I was often told that it will be the most important decision I make in my life. Now that I’m in my senior year, I’m starting to doubt that statement. After applying for student teaching and graduation in the past few weeks, I’ve started to think- what am I going to do next year?…