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Tag: off-campus events

SycAmour and Brightwell at Bogies

On Wednesday, March 4, I went to Bogies on Ontario Street, behind Madison’s Pizza, for one of the best shows ever!!!  It was a lineup of up-and-comers in the metalcore scene along with several local openers.  SycAmour was headlining the show, and leading up to them was Brightwell, Que Sera, Blackout Las Vegas, Cutting Ties and Here 2 Stay. Here…

Tambourelli & Her SuperTrip to Albany!

Friday, January 16, a new band came from upstate to join the Albany music scene.  Tambourelli & Her SuperTrips: a great, creative name for a very fun and wonderful group of people!  There’s Corey Bennett, the ex-metalhead on lead guitar who’s been a musician his whole life, playing in many different bands.  Then you’ve got the flurry of motion hitting…