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Life as a “Commuter” Student: Winter Tips

It’s no secret that it’s gotten really cold up here in Smallbany.  Lately we’ve just had storm after storm!!!  Winter, in my opinion, is the WORST season in the northeast.  The roads and sidewalks get slick and snowy, you have to dress in layers and, for those who live off campus, the heat bill skyrockets!  Here’s a few things to…

Life as a “Commuter” Student: The Drive

When I first got my driver’s license I never imagined that I would feel bored driving.  The feeling of being in control of the vehicle out on your own for the first time is incredibly liberating!  But when you start to drive several hours along the same route home and back, you lose that feeling of freedom.  Rather, the car…

Life as a “Commuter” Student: Home

Hello readers!  Have you checked out my intro post yet?  If you have, you’d know that I’m a commuter here at The College of Saint Rose.  My situation is kind of unique, though.  I stay with a couple friends at their apartment in Albany during the week.  On Friday nights or Saturday mornings, I drive a good 40 miles north…