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The Best Years of Your Life

People often tell college students that, “College is the best time of your life,” and often times, we the college students tell them that they’re full of it. We tell them that college is full of stress and papers, useless homework, dumb group projects, bad relationships and breakups, bad food, bad roommates and having no money. However, once you actually…

Internships: Finding the right one for you

There comes a time in every college student’s academic career where they think about internships and the real-world experience that they have to offer. Internships are incredibly important, and can help start a student’s career in their respective field. There are various types of internships available out there– such as: paid, non-paid, summer, fall and year-long. Here are a few…

Hitting the Road–Saint Rose Style

Ever wonder how prospective students from places like Connecticut, Syracuse, and Long Island fall in love with Saint Rose? I know the answer! For the past two years, I’ve joined Undergraduate Admissions on their Spring Recruitment trip. A group of current students are invited to share their unique Saint Rose experience with the families at the Accepted Student Events. I…