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Good to know: 10 things students should know about job searching, but probably don’t.

With the start of spring semester, many Saint Rose seniors and those completing their graduate studies are focused on – and perhaps put off by – the process of finding a job. Paul Conti, an assistant professor of communications, has devoted his career to interviewing people as former news director of WNYT-TV, the NBC affiliate in Albany. Today, he shares…

Professor Shout-Out! Meet Professor Paul Conti

“Professor Shout-Out!” is a rotating Saint Rose blog series that faculty contribute to.  Professor Paul Conti is known for being behind the camera, so let’s change it up a bit and put him in the spotlight… Professor Paul Conti, Communications Department, Assistant Professor. Has been at Saint Rose since 2005. About:  Where did you attend school?  Undergraduate degree from SUNY…

New Media Outlets Lobby Against Anti-Web Piracy Bills

If you’ve visited the homepages of Google, Wikipedia, and/or Mozilla this fine Wednesday, you’ve likely noticed a theme among all three. These new media staples are protesting two anti-web piracy bills up for consideration by Congress. One is the Stop Online Piracy Act (House bill, written by Representative Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican). The other is the Protect Intellectual Property…